WHOIS information for aberturaportabraga24horas.pt

Below is the WHOIS data for aberturaportabraga24horas.pt, as listed in the public WHOIS servers. This data is updated periodically, and the latest version is shown below. Note that we do not store any historical WHOIS data.

Nome de domínio / Domain Name: aberturaportabraga24horas.pt Data de registo / Creation Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 16/10/2014 Data de expiração / Expiration Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 15/10/2018 Estado / Status: ACTIVE Titular / Registrant BRICOVITOR, UNIPESSOAL , LDA Lugar Cachada PONTE DE LIMA 4990-750 Rebordões Santa Maria Email: Email profile not revealed;Email profile not revealed Entidade Gestora / Billing Contact One.com Email: Email profile not revealed Responsável Técnico / Tech Contact One.com Email: Email profile not revealed Nameserver Information Nameserver: aberturaportabraga24horas.pt NS ns01.one.com. Nameserver: aberturaportabraga24horas.pt NS ns02.one.com.

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