WHOIS information for abelheilsuvorur.is

Below is the WHOIS data for abelheilsuvorur.is, as listed in the public WHOIS servers. This data is updated periodically, and the latest version is shown below. Note that we do not store any historical WHOIS data.

domain: abelheilsuvorur.is registrant: HSI3-IS admin-c: HSI3-IS tech-c: HSI3-IS zone-c: EH59-IS billing-c: HSI3-IS nserver: ns0.1984.is nserver: ns1.1984.is nserver: ns2.1984hosting.com dnssec: unsigned delegation created: March 2 2016 expires: March 2 2019 source: ISNIC person: Hjördís Sjafnar Ingimundardóttir nic-hdl: HSI3-IS address: Naustabryggju 47 address: IS-110 Reykjavík phone: +354 8993972 e-mail: Email profile not revealed created: March 27 2009 source: ISNIC role: 1984 ehf. nic-hdl: EH59-IS address: Fálkagötu 8 address: IS-107 Reykjavík phone: +354 5461984 e-mail: Email profile not revealed created: April 29 2006 source: ISNIC

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