WHOIS information for abele-spedition.de

Below is the WHOIS data for abele-spedition.de, as listed in the public WHOIS servers. This data is updated periodically, and the latest version is shown below. Note that we do not store any historical WHOIS data.

Domain: abele-spedition.de Nserver: han.han-solo.net Nserver: leia.han-solo.net Status: connect Changed: 2007-12-06T12:09:24+01:00 [Tech-C] Type: PERSON Name: Thomas Margraf Angotti Address: Felsbachweg 21 PostalCode: 64686 City: Lautertal CountryCode: DE Phone: +496254942650 Fax: +496254942576 Email: Email profile not revealed Changed: 2001-10-01T16:44:03+02:00 [Zone-C] Type: PERSON Name: Gabriele Strauss Address: Ruedesheimer Str.4 PostalCode: 28199 City: Bremen CountryCode: DE Phone: +49 421 5578518 Fax: +49 421 5578518 Email: Email profile not revealed Changed: 2001-09-17T16:49:33+02:00

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